How DropCap Sells Foreign Language Rights

At DropCap, we rely on two powerful tools to sell our publishers’ books to global rights buyers. The first is Allison Olson, who in the course of her career has sold the rights to more than 6,000 titles in 180 languages. Allison’s deep knowledge of the international market, our publishers’ upcoming titles and backlists, and the needs of our rights buyers makes DropCap an agency that any publisher should consider.

While having someone like Allison is an invaluable asset if you want to be a successful rights agency, that’s where our competitors stop. When DropCap was formed, our mission was to take Allison’s industry knowledge and combine it with our other founders’ decade of experience in building complex book publishing software to create a process that proactively gets more of our publishers’ titles in front of our rights buyers. Our proprietary technology makes it so our publishers are maximizing sales and our rights buyers are procuring the types of titles they need, when they need them.

Of course, we exhibit at the major book fairs — Frankfurt, London, Bologna and others. For many agencies, that is where the selling ends. Our technology places title data in front of rights buyers based on their purchase history, language, and popular publishing trends in the markets they serve. We don’t expect our rights buyers to hunt and peck their way through a clunky database, hoping to find a gem. At DropCap, we do it the opposite way — we do the work for them and make it easy to discover relevant titles. With our system, our publishers sell more books and our rights buyers can meet more of their title needs, sooner and more efficiently.

If you’re interested in seeing how our rights technology works, contact us.